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Meteorites Australia Collection

Listed here are a just a few of the more interesting meteorite specimens held in the collection. Each photo below can be clicked to enlarge it in a new window, while holding the mouse over an image will give the specimen's details. An Information Icon () following a meteorite name may be clicked to obtain further information and/or photos for that particular specimen. Thanks for looking!

Ordinary Chondrites C, R, E Chondrites Achondrites Stony/Irons Irons

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Ungrouped Chondrites Unclassified Chondrites

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Dho 207 (H3.4-3.5, S2, W1) 3.65g Partslice
Dhofar 207 (H3.4-3.5)
NWA 2738 (H3.5) - 91.54g Partslice
NWA 2738 (H3.5)
NWA 1289 (H3.8) 4.90g Slice
NWA 1289 (H3.8)
NWA 1709 (H3.X) 7.80g Main Mass (Final Sub-Group Classification Pending)
NWA 1709 (H3.8)
NWA 3346 (H3-5) - 54.7g Endcut
NWA 3346 (H3-5)
Oum Dreyga/Amgala (H3-5) 15.08g Individual (Extremely Fresh!)
Oum Dreyga/Amgala (H3-5)
Oum Dreyga/Amgala (H3-5) 36.00g Individual - 100% Fusion Crusted with Flight Markings
Oum Dreyga/Amgala (H3-5)
Lahmada 009 (H3-6) 27.6g Individual
009 (H3-6)
Zag (H3-6) 10.0g Slice
Buzzard Coulee (H4) - 17.2g Oriented Individual
Buzzard Coulee
Dimboola (H4) 7.70g Endcut
Dimboola (H4)
Kesen (H4) 1.26g Partslice
Kesen (H4)
Markovka (H4) 57.0g Block
Markovka (H4)
NWA 5393 (H4) - 2.55g Complete Slice
NWA 5393 (H4)
NWA 5796 (H4) - 117.4g Oriented Individual
NWA 5796 (H4)
Sahara 03501 (H4) 140.3g Complete Slice
Sahara 03501 / Igaren
Weston (H4) 1.64g Fusion Crusted Fragment
Thuathe (H4-5) 25.00g Individual (National University of Lesotho Catalogue - Specimen No. #63)
Thuathe (H4-5) 3.36g Oriented Individual
Gao-Guenie (H5) 102g Oriented Individual
Bassikounou (H5)
Chergach (H5) - 54.3g Individual
Chergach (H5)
Cook 001 (H5) 8.24g Slice
Cook 001
Gao-Guenie (H5) 102g Oriented Individual
Gao-Guenie (H5)
Gao-Guenie (H5) 12.97g Oriented Individual
Gao-Guenie (H5)
Gao-Guenie (H5) 2.70g Oriented Individual
Juancheng (H5) 9.25g Individual
Juancheng (H5)
NWA 2117 (H5 - Vesiculated) 5.30g Endcut
NWA 2117
Pigick (H5) 56.8g Windowed Individual
Pigick (H5)
Nuevo Mercurio (H5) - 2.10g Individual
Nuevo Mercurio (H5)
Pultusk "Pea" (H5) 3.765g Individual
Pultusk (H5)
Tamdakht (H5) - 5.012g Endcut
Tamdakht (H5)
NWA 1252 (H5-6) 19.1g Main Mass
NWA 1252 (H5-6)
Hebron (H6) 1.60g Partslice
NWA 802 (H6) 6.70g Endcut with Large Metal Pocket
NWA 802 (H6)
NWA 1287 (H6) 5.0g Complete Slice
NWA 1287
NWA 3045 (H6) 19.3g Individual
NWA 3045
NWA 6003 (H6) - 9.027g Halfslice
NWA 6003
Portales Valley (H6) 1.67g Partslice
Portales Valley (H6)
Portales Valley (H6) 6.4g Crusted Endcut with Metal Vein
Portales Valley (H6)
Portales Valley (H6) 8.4g Partslice
Portales Valley (H6)
Spade (H6 Annealed Impact Melt Breccia) 2.5g Partslice
Spade (H6-IMB)
Wuan (H6) 1.41g Partslice


  H/L-Chondrites Return To Top
NWA 2490 (H/L3) 5.88g MAIN MASS
NWA 2490 (H/L3)
NWA 2892 (H/L3) 9.84g Complete Slice
NWA 2892 (H/L3)
NWA 2892 (H/L3) - 8.8g Endcut
NWA 2892 (H/L3)
NWA 1955 H/L3-4 4.90g Endcut
NWA 1955 (H/L3-4)
NWA 5554 (H/L3-6) - 34.97g Complete Slice.
NWA 5554 (H/L3-6)
NWA 4726 (H/L5) 28.1g Endcut
NWA 4726 (H/L5)


  L-Chondrites Return To Top
JaH 026 (L3.1) 6.90g Individual
JaH 026
JaH 026 (L3.1) 4.10g Endcut
JaH 026
NWA 2118 (L3.1, S2, W3) 3.6g Half Slice
NWA 2118 (L3.1)
NWA 4438 (L3.1) 5.2g Half Individual.
NWA 4438 (L3.1)
NWA 5507 (L3.2) - 5.99g Complete Slice
NWA 5507 (L3.2)
NWA 5507 (L3.2) - 8.72g Complete Slice
NWA 5507 (L3.2)
NWA 5507 (L3.2) - 9.22g Complete Slice
NWA 5507 (L3.2)
Dhofar 008 (L3.2-3.3, S3, W2) 10.4g Partslice
Dhofar 008 (L3.3)
Dhofar 008 (L3.2-3.3) 2.66g Partslice
Dho 008 (L3.2-3.3)
NWA 864 (L3.3) 7.60g Endcut
NWA 864 (L3.3)
NWA 2933 (L3.3 Regolith Breccia, S2, W2) 10.2g Slice
NWA 2933 (L3.3)
NWA 2667 (L3.4) 8.3g Complete Slice
NWA 2667 (L3.4)
NWA 2120 (L3.5, S2, W2) 8.5g Complete Slice
NWA 2120 (L3.5)
Dho 206 (L3.7, S1, W3) 24.9g Endcut
Dhofar 206 (L3.7)
Barratta (L3.8) 2.50g Partslice
Barratta (L3.8)
Moorabie (L3.8) 0.256g Partslice
Moorabie (L3.8)
NWA 2385 (L3.8, S1, W2) 9.2g Half Slice
NWA 2385 (L3.8)
NWA 2704 (L3.8) - 20.9g Half Slice
NWA 2704 (L3.8)
NWA 3169 (L3.9) 10.70g Windowed Individual
NWA 3169 (L3.9)
NWA 2288 (L3) 9.41g Slice
NWA 2288 (L3)
NWA 4040 (L3) 21.71g Partslice
NWA 4040 (L3)
NWA 5477 (L3) - 12.824g Complete Slice.
NWA 5477 (L3)
NWA 5667 (L3) - 13.700g Complete Slice
NWA 5667 (L3)
NWA 5679 (L3) - 9.2g Complete Slice.
NWA 5679 (L3)
NWA 5701 (L3) - 17.21g Complete Slice.
NWA 5701 (L3)
NWA 1266 (L3-6) 37.2g Main Mass
NWA 1266 (L3-6)
NWA 6008 (L3-6) - 12.4g Complete Slice
NWA 6088 (L3-6)
Kendleton (L4 Regolith Breccia) - 4.2g Partslice (Monnig Collection M-32.4)
Kendleton (L4)
NWA 869 (L4-6) 0.817kg Individual
NWA 869 (L4-6)
Ghubara (L5) 339.6g Complete Slice
Ghubara (L5)
Homestead (L5) - 3.09g Partslice
NWA 904 (L5) 9.00g Partslice
NWA 904
NWA 1243 (L5) 12.5g Main Mass
NWA 1243 (L5)
NWA 2922 (L5 Shock Melt Breccia) 11.3g Complete Slice
NWA 2922 (L5-SMB)
Park Forest (L5) 5.60g Endcut
Park Forest
Park Forest (L5) 2.90g Complete Slice
Park Forest
Ash Creek / West (L6) - 1.4g Complete Slice
Ash Creek (L6)
Forrest 002 / Forrest (b) (L6) 76.6g Individual
Forrest 002 (L6)
Kulnine (L6) 11.92g Partslice (From Jim Schwade Collection - S189)
Kulnine (L6)
NWA 785 (L6) 17.61g Slice
NWA 785
NWA 788 (L6) 15.8g Complete Slice
NWA 788
NWA 803 (L6) 11.70g Endcut with Large Metal Pockets with Troilite
NWA 803 (L6)
NWA 916 (L6) 16.2g Slice
NWA 916
NWA 4727 (L6) - 10.0g Complete Slice
NWA 4727
Sahara 99636 (L6) 185.2g Complete Slice
Sahara 99636 (L6)
Suizhou (L6) 28.7g Endcut
Tenham (L6) 4.75g Endcut
Seagraves (c) (L6-7) 12.29g Partslice
Seagraves (c) (L6-7)
NWA 1839 (CV7) 0.50g Endcut
NWA 1839 (L7)
NWA 722 / El Kachla (L-Impact Melt) 7.70g Endcut
NWA 722/El Kachla (L-IMB)
NWA 3094 (L-Impact Melt) 9.40g Slice
NWA 3094 (L-IMB)


  L/LL-Chondrites Return To Top
NWA 3099 (L/LL3) 11.80g Slice
NWA 3099 (L/LL3)
Inman (L/LL3.2) 0.932g Wedge
Inman (L/LL3.2)
SaU 089 (L/LL3.6-3.7, S2, W2) 0.96g Partslice
SaU 089 (L/LL3.6-3.7)

Knyahinya (L/LL5)
Sahara 97006 (L/LL5-6) 6.70g Partslice
Sahara 97006 (L/LL5-6)


  LL-Chondrites Return To Top
NWA 5206 (LL3.05) - 6.47g Partslice
NWA 5206 (LL3.05)
NWA 5206 (LL3.05) - 17.54g Partslice
NWA 5206 (LL3.05)
NWA 1756 (LL3.0-3.2, S1, W1-2) 2.0g Endcut
NWA 1756 (LL3.10)
NWA 3127 (LL3.1, S2, W3) 1.56g Partslice
NWA 3127 (LL3.1)
NWA 4560 (LL3.1, S2, W2) - 10.92g Complete Slice
NWA 4560 (LL3.1)
NWA 4560 (LL3.1, S2, W2) - 6.72g Complete Slice
NWA 4560 (LL3.1)
NWA 5731 (LL3.2) - 1.75g Partslice
NWA 5731 (LL3.2)
NWA 2398 (LL3.5) 19.2g Endcut
NWA 2398 (LL3.5)
NWA 4522 (LL3.5) 12.2g Endcut
NWA 4522 (LL3.5)
NWA 4522 (LL3.5) 7.5g Complete Slice.
NWA 4522 (LL3.5)
Sahara 98175 (LL3.5) 3.94g Endcut
Sahara 98175 (LL3.5)
NWA 1096 (LL3.6) 2.20g Complete Slice
NWA 1096
Parnallee (LL3.6) 2.20g Partslice
Parnallee (LL3.6)
NWA 2520 (LL3.6-LL3.7) 2.104g Endcut
NWA 2520 (LL3.7)
NWA 3110 (LL3.7) 9.10g Complete Slice
NWA 3110 (LL3.7)
NWA 3161 (LL3.7) 11.20g Complete Slice
NWA 3161 (LL3.7)
Richfield (LL3.7) 16.00g Partslice
Richfield (LL3.7)
Talbachat n'at Isfoul / Tagounite 019 / TAG 019 (LL3.7) 8.2g Partslice
Talbachat n'at Isfoul (LL3.7)
NWA 3128 (LL3.8, S2, W1) 5.3g Partslice with (Pristine?) Xenoliths
NWA 3128 (LL3.8)
DAG 180 (LL3.9) 1.32g Endcut
DAG 180
NWA 1933 (LL3) 7.60g Complete Slice
NWA 1933 (LL3)
NWA 1933 (LL3) 34.14g Half Individual
NWA 1933 (LL3)
NWA 3111 (LL3, S1, W1) 3.384g Partslice
NWA 3111 (LL3)
NWA 3112 (LL3) 2.074g Partslice
NWA 3112 (LL3)
NWA 5931 (LL3-6) - 14.2g Half Slice
NWA 5931 (LL3-6)
NWA 5931 (LL3-6) - 14.1g Partslice
NWA 5931 (LL3-6)
NWA 965 (LL4) 1.10g Complete Slice
NWA 965 (LL4)
NWA 2384 (LL4) 21.4g Partslice
NWA 2384 (LL4)
NWA 2395 (LL4) 8.0g Partslice
NWA 2395 (LL4)
NWA 2622 (LL4) 16.20g Half Endcut
NWA 2622 (LL4)
NWA 2917 (LL4 Shock Melt Breccia) 5g Partslice
NWA 2917 (LL4-SMB)
NWA 3119 (LL4) 16.3g Complete Slice (Xenolith Inclusions)
NWA 3119 (LL4)
NWA 1881 (LL4-6) 1.50g Complete Slice
NWA 1881 (LL4-6)
NWA 5678 (LL4-6) - 5.7g Partslice
NWA 5678 (LL4-6)
NWA 1584 (LL5) 6.40g Endcut
NWA 1584 (LL5)
NWA 1794 (LL5) 4.00g Endcut
NWA 1794 (LL5)
Paragould (LL5) 1.50g Fragment - Monnig Collection: M-293.1
Bensour (LL6) 0.13g Oriented Nosecone Individual
Bensour (LL6)
Bensour (LL6) 16.57g Individual
Bensour (LL6)
Bensour (LL6) 27.77g Fragmented Half-Individual
Bensour (LL6)
Ensisheim (LL6) 0.47g Partslice
Ensisheim (LL6)
Kilabo (LL6) 10.30g Individual
Kilabo (LL6)
Kilabo (LL6) 21.5g Individual
Kilabo (LL6)
Lake Labyrinth (LL6) 5.14g Partslice
Lake Labyrinth (LL6)
Mangwendi (LL6) 1.7g Partslice.
NWA 815 (LL6) 2.30g Endcut
NWA 815
Dho 011 (LL7) 6.94g Complete Slice
Dho 011 (LL7)
NWA 969 (LL7) 0.714g Endcut
NWA 969 (LL7)



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HaH 180 (Ungrouped Type-3 Chondrite) 2.90g Endcut
HaH 180 (Ungrouped Type-3)
NWA 960 (H/L/LL3, S1, W1-2) 5.9g Endcut
NWA 960 (H/L/LL3)
NWA 960 (H/L/LL3, S1, W1-2) 1.8g Endcut
NWA 960 (H/L/LL3)


  Unclassified Chondrites Return To Top
Impact Melt (Unclassified NWA) 13.70g Half Individual
Impact Melt (Unclassified NWA)
Dual Lithology Chondrite (Unclassified) 32.30g Halved Individual
Dual Lithology Chondrite
Unclassified Saharan 1.04kg Individual
Unclassified Saharan (1.04kg)
Unclassified NWA - 62.8g Halved Individual (Shocked)
Unclassified NWA
Unclassified NWA - 17.5g Halved Individual
Unclassified NWA
Unclassified NWA - 500.3g Fresh Individual
Unclassified NWA