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JaH 026 - L3.1 Chondrite with great chondrules.

This is a specimen of the meteorite JaH 026 (Jiddat al Harrasis 026) which has been classified as a very rare L3.1 chondrite. It is full of really small crisp chondrules as can been seen in the photo below. The official total known weight of this meteorite is 565g divided between 17 stones however another 1kg stone has since been found. The meteorite has a weathering level of 3 and shock level of 3 also. The only other L3.1 chondrite is a 46.08g stone found in Antarctica during 1979 (Yamato 790787). This specimen is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection.

JaH 026 (L3.1) - 4.10g Endcut



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