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Meteorites Australia Collection Pieces For Sale

Below are the meteorite specimens I am currently offering for sale out of the Meteorites Australia Collection. Please note that the values are in $USD. Do not send any payments until the sale/payment method has been confirmed. If an image is not available for a specimen below, feel free to contact me and I will arrange one for you.

Shipping information is available here. It will usually be around $4.50 for most smaller micromount items but may be more expensive for larger (or multiple) specimens. It will also vary slightly between destinations. Insurance for loss or damage is at the purchasers discretion but is certainly recommended where available. Also, as a Director and Member of the I.M.C.A. Inc. I will guarantee the authenticity of any meteorites I sell.

The Meteorites Australia Mailing List is used for news and announcing new meteorites for sale. Members will get first options on these pieces. Should you have questions regarding any sale or anything else on this website, please feel free to contact me.

Authenticity GUARANTEED * Click the image

Currently Sold Out

NWA 4229 (H7) RARE!

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  • NWA 4229 is a very rare meteorite as there are very few H7 chondrites available to collectors. In fact this meteorite has a total known weight of just 439g leaving little to go around. Not just that; some of the other NWA H7's have sinced been reclassified as metachondrites leaving this one about the only remaining one available.

  • 4.33g Slice(MA.11.0024) SOLD




For purchasing and shipping information or for enquiries, please click here!