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Seagraves (c) (L6-7) - 12.29g Partslice with Black Inclusion

Seagraves (c) is one of only 4 known meteorites classified as a rare L6-7 meteorite. It was found in an abandoned house in Gaines County, Texas, USA during 1989. It was a single stone weighing 26.81kg. At the bottom centre of this partslice is a black inclusion which has another silicate inclusion inside that. (top right of black inclusion) There are also some troilite veins webbing through the main black inclusion which is virtually not present in the rest of the specimen. This piece is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection.

Seagraves (c) (L6-7) - 12.29g Partslice.

Black inclusion with secondary inner inclusion. (close-up through 10X loupe)



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