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NWA 2622

The meteorite, NWA 2622 was found in North West Africa during 2004. This meteorite has been classified as a relatively rare LL4 chondrite with a weathering level of 2 and a reasonably high variable shock rating of 3-5 which is not particularly visually evident. The Total Known Weight for this remarkable meteorite is a single stone weighing 827g which has only had a couple of pieces cut from it. This is one of those pieces. There are many interesting inclusions within this meteorite but NWA 2622 also displays a beautifully coloured matrix full of crisp chondrules which made it a surprise when it came back from classification as Type-4 chondrite and not a Type-3! In fact, I have included a link below to the L3 & LL3 Chondrites page and the Pictorial of Type-3 Chondrites so that a comparison can be made; at least from a visual perspective. NWA 2622 also has beautiful black crust covering the majority of the stone. This specimen is half of the main Endcut which was taken from the Main Mass and is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection (MA.04.0126).

Most of the larger chondrules throughout the specimen are armoured by what appears to be the iron sulphide mineral; Troilite and is evident in the 3rd image. In the 4th image various features can be viewed such as:

1) Numerous small 'Jet Black' glassy inclusions. Because of the high polish on this endcut they visually look very much like pure black glass and may have potentially been created through shock. The shock level of this piece does range from intermediate, 3 to the highest level of 5.
2) Large Troilite (Iron Sulphide) inclusion containing a smaller silicate (stony) inclusion.
3) Chondrule with an extremely thick armouring of Troilite.

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NWA 2622 (LL4) - 16.20g Half Endcut. (MA.04.0126)

NWA 2622 (LL4) - 16.20g Half Endcut. (MA.04.0126)

NWA 2622 (LL4) - 16.20g Half Endcut. (MA.04.0126)

NWA 2622 (LL4) - 16.20g Half Endcut. (MA.04.0126)

NWA 2622 (LL4) - Main Mass
(Courtesy & ©2004 Hupé Collection)


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