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Similarities & Differences - L3 & LL3 Chondrites

When studying NWA 3099 (L/LL3) it is evident that there are numerous unusual inclusions within the matrix. When comparing this meteorite with NWA 864 (L3.3) there are notably similar inclusions present. These are the mottled greyish inclusions which contain much smaller (~0.1-0.2mm) paler inclusions inside. I have discussed this with fellow collector, Bernd Pauli who came up with some very interesting theories. This is what Bernd had to say about NWA 3099:

"While rare; it may be possible that this meteorite contains Carbonaceous inclusions. A well-known example is Krymka (LL3.1/S3) some slices of which include black carbonaceous material, referred to as 'Mysterite'. Interestingly, where there is Mysterite in the Krymka chondrite, there is also abundant Troilite (Iron Sulphide) in the matrix. There are also graphite-bearing fragments and, again, these fragments contain a high abundance of Troilite and graphite.

Maybe NWA 3099 is as, or, at least almost as "primitive" as Krymka or even Semarkona and thus would contain material from the early days of our solar system. Like in Krymka, the C-rich clasts might be of a pre-accretionary nature, and maybe there are even presolar nanodiamonds like the ones that have been reported from Krymka. Maybe there is even a relation to cometary material as has been assumed for Krymka carbonaceous material."

Even though the overall matrix of NWA 3099 is reasonably pale in colour, I have since found similar mottled features in NWA 1933 (LL3) which has a much darker appearance. Bernd also immediately recognized the same dark matrix, many crisp chondrules and inclusions of NWA 864 (L3.3) as is evident in Krymka (LL3.1). On further checking, the Meteoritical Bulletin actually makes special note that NWA 864 is Highly Unequilibrated and thus probably has a petrologic grade lower than the official level of L3.3. It also says that its matrix contains fine blades and laths of Iron rich olivine and is very similar to the Krymka (LL3.1) matrix.

When viewing these different Type-3 Chondrites, it seems relatively comprehensible to assume that there may indeed be one common source (parent body) or a number of related sources in which these incredible primordial meteorites originated.


Mottled Grey / White Inclusion in NWA 3099.

NWA 3099 (L/LL3) - 11.80g Complete Slice.

NWA 1933 (LL3) 7.60g Complete Slice
NWA 1933 (LL3) - 7.60g Complete Slice.

NWA 864 (L3.3) - 7.60g Endcut.

Krymka (LL3.1) - 6.80g Complete Slice. (Bernd Pauli Collection)

Copyright  2005 - Peter Marmet Meteorites
Krymka (LL3.1) - 5.58g Complete Slice. (Peter Marmet Collection)

Dho 008 (L3.2-3.3) - 2.20g Partslice.

Sahara 98175 (LL3.5) - 3.94g Endcut.

Moorabie (L3.8) - 0.256g Partslice.

NWA 2288 (L3) - 9.41g Slice.



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