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NWA 1881 - 1.50g Complete Slice with Patch of Thick Fusion Crust

The meteorite, NWA 1881 was found in the Sahara Desert in North West Africa during 2002. It has been classified as a rare LL4-6 chondrite with a shock rating of 2-3 and a weathering level of only 1. There is a Total Known Weight of only 9.80g of which 1.50g is shown below. Note the large patch of fusion crust at the top which has most likely not ablated during the meteors descent through the atmosphere. This is probably because the shape and orientation of the meteor during flight did not allow it to melt away. In this patch under high magnification there are extremely tiny grains of metallic iron which are arranged in small rivulets and probably formed from the eddying aerodynamic forces acting on the stone. This specimen is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection.

NWA 1881 (LL4-6) 1.50g Complete Slice (Front View)

NWA 1881 (LL4-6) 1.50g Complete Slice (Back View)



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