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The Ghubara meteorite was first discovered during 1954 in the Jiddat al Harasis region of Oman. While there was an initial mass of 254kg collected in the 1950's, the current Total Known Weight now stands at an estimated 500+kg. The crust of the Ghubara meteorites are relatively weathered however the stones are internally quite fresh. Once sliced they display their beautiful characteristic black matrix with bright metal flakes and white chondrules and clasts. Ghubara has been classified as an Ordinary Chondrite, L5 (Xenolithic). The xenolithic clasts/inclusions are evident throughout the matrix as the larger white 'milky' areas. These features are un-related to the host matrix and were in fact formed before the overall Ghubara meteoritic masses themselves formed. This slice is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection.

Ghubara (L5) - 339.60g Complete Slice. (Click Image To Enlarge)

Ghubara (L5) - 339.60g Complete Slice. (Click Image To Enlarge)


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