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The Pigick meteorite was discovered during 1994 while a farmer was ploughing one of his wheat fields located about 12km West of in Rainbow, Victoria, Australia. Ten specimens were discovered but by chance alone they were not all from the same fall! Two stones weighing 1132g and 421g were found to be paired and a rare CO3 (probably CO3.2) Carbonaceous Chondrite (Rainbow). The other eight were found to be an H5 Ordinary Chondrite with a Weathering Level of 2 and a Shock Rating of 3. The Total Known Weight of the eight Pigick meteorites is 693g with individual masses weighing 169g, 156g, 110g, 103g, 63g, 58g, 26.4g and 7.6g. The specimen below is the listed 58g specimen which has had a small window sliced to view the interior and is still virtually in 'as found' condition.

This specimen is a 56.8g Individual of Pigick and is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection (MA.05.0007).

Pigick (H5) - 56.8g Individual. (MA.05.0007)

Pigick (H5) - 56.8g Individual. (MA.05.0007)

Pigick (H5) - 56.8g Individual. (MA.05.0007)



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