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The Ensisheim meteorite is the oldest recorded and recovered fall. It fell in Ensisheim in the Alsace region of France on November 16th in 1492. That's well over 500 years ago! Ensisheim has been classified as an LL6, brecciated and veined ordinary chondrite. The fall has a Total Known Weight of 127kg with around 55kg still remaining in Ensisheim. Many pieces were removed from the stone for study and collection. Most of the worlds museums now have at least a little of this historic meteorite. I have been fortunate enough to add this small 0.47g Partslice to the Meteorites Australia Collection. This piece actually shows both lithogies with 70% dark and 30% light. In my particular specimen there is virtually no visible metal in the light area but quite a bit in the dark. The photo is below.

The story says the meteorite arrived via a loud boom over Ensisheim and that a young boy witnessed the fall. He then led the townsfolk into the field where the large blackened stone lay in a metre-deep hole. The people started breaking pieces off but the town authorities put a stop to it and prevented any further damage. Emperor Maximilian (1459-1519) soon heard of the event and quickly arrived in Ensisheim. He declared that the stone would be kept and protected in the local church. The Main Mass still resides in Ensisheim to this day.

Ensisheim - 0.47g Partslice.



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