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NWA 3128 (LL3.8) - 5.3g Partslice with Primitive/Pristine Xenolith

NWA 3128 was discovered in Northwest Africa during 2002 and purchased in Erfoud, Morocco in 2003. A single stone weighing 532g is all that was found. NWA 3128 has been classified as an LL3.8 with a Shock Rating of 2 and a Weathering Level of just 1. This meteorite is quite unusual because material of both Type-7 (completely re-crystallised) nature and primitive xenoliths are present. One of these primitive xenoliths with a darker surrounding matrix is clearly visible below (bottom-centre) in the 5.3g partslice. This specimen is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection (MA.05.0073).

NWA 3128 (LL3.8) 5.3g Partslice
NWA 3128 (LL3.8) 5.3g Partslice. (MA.05.0073)


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