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Northwest Africa 4522 (NWA 4522)

NWA 4522 was discovered in the Sahara Desert during 2006 in the form of seven stones totalling 949g. It was classified as a LL3.5 with a Shock Rating of S2 and a Weathering Level of W4. It is a somewhat heterogeneous meteorite with different stones showing different features. Some slices show a typical Type-3 chondrite with many crisp chondrules while others display a meteorite composed of many different inclusions and clasts. The 12.2g Endcut below has what appears to be a heavily shock-melted area while the 7.5g slice shows a myriad of different features and is likely a breccia sample. The pale-coloured angular clast at tope center appears to be composed of a meteorite with a higher metamorphic grade (i.e Type 5 or 6). The grey coloured inclusions at bottom center and lower right may be dark inclusions as described in other chondrites such as NWA 4040. These should not be confused with the other Dark Inclusions (DIs) found in Carbonaceous Chondrites. These specimens are part of the Meteorites Australia Collection.

NWA 4522 (LL3.5) - 7.5g Complete Slice
NWA 4522 (LL3.5) - 7.5g Complete Slice.
Enlargement ---> 1500 x 1106 (548KB)

NWA 4522 (LL3.5) - 12.2g Endcut
NWA 4522 (LL3.5) - 12.2g Endcut with unusual inclusion or melt-pocket at bottom-right.


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