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The Parnallee meteorite fell in Madura District, Tamil Nadu, India on February 28th in 1857. It is classified as a Brecciated LL3.6 and because it was a witnessed fall; also very fresh. There were two thunderous detonations and two stones were recovered shortly after. Both were seen to fall by local citizens. It seems that the village of Parnallee does not actually exist and the place of the fall is thought to be Perunali. There is a Total Known Weight of about 77.6kg. (One stone weighing 134lb and another weighing 37lb.) Only a few kilograms are available to private collectors. This specimens below are part of the Meteorites Australia Collection.

Parnallee (LL3.6) 2.20g Partslice

Parnallee (LL3.6) 2.20g Partslice


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