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NWA 2385 (L3.8) - 9.2g Half Slice with Large Inclusion

NWA 2385 was found in North West Africa during 2004 and has been classified as an Ordinary Chondrite, L3.8. Only one stone weighing 410g was discovered. The specimen below has an obvious large inclusion at the top centre which I dubbed a "Matryoshka Inclusion" in recognition of the famous Russian wooden dolls. It's an inclusion within an inclusion within an inclusion! About 50%-60% of the inclusion (or possibly chondrule?) appears to be in a semi-translucent crystal form.

The third photo shows (indicated by an arrow) a small inclusion which appears like gold. Gold has only ever been found in meteorites in minute concentrations so even though the colour and lustre makes it look like gold, this metallic mineral is mostly likely some sort of metallic sulphide which would explain its yellow/gold hue. This particular inclusion is about 1mm in size but there are also several other similar sub-millimetre sized specks too. This piece is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection. (MA.05.0066)

NWA 2385 (L3.8) - 9.2g Half Slice

NWA 2385 (L3.8) - 9.2g Half Slice (Large Inclusion)

NWA 2385 (L3.8) - 9.2g Half Slice (Gold-like Inclusion)


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