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The Juancheng meteorite was a large witnessed fall at 11:23pm local time on February 15th, 1997 in the Shandong Province of China. A shower of more than 1000 stones rained down like hail over villages and fields for about 1 minute. It was said that the event consisted of a brilliant fireball trailing smoke and sparks which concluded with a huge resonating explosion. Juancheng has been classified as an Ordinary Chondrite, H5 with a Shock Rating of 2 and a Total Known Weight just over 100kg. The elliptical strewn field measured around 10.5km x 4.3km and lies East to West. Most of the meteorites from this fall are relatively small but one is said to have penetrated a roof and landed in a pot on the stove. The specimens below are part of the Meteorites Australia Collection.

Juancheng (H5) - 9.24g Individual.

Juancheng (H5) - 12.40g Individual.

Juancheng (H5) - 12.40g Individual.

Juancheng (H5) - 6.53g Oriented Individual. (Leading edge)

Juancheng (H5) - 6.53g Oriented Individual. (Trailing edge)


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