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Meteorites Australia Collection

Listed here are a just a few of the more interesting meteorite specimens held in the collection. Each photo below can be clicked to enlarge it in a new window, while holding the mouse over an image will give the specimen's details. An Information Icon () following a meteorite name may be clicked to obtain further information and/or photos for that particular specimen. Thanks for looking!

Ordinary Chondrites C, R, E Chondrites Achondrites Stony/Irons Irons

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Carbonaceous Chondrites Rumurutiite Chondrites Enstatite Chondrites

Carbonaceous Chondrites

DAG 429 (C3) 1.426g Slice
DAG 429 (C3 Ungrouped)
Coolidge (C3.8-4) 0.276g Partslice
Coolidge (C3.8-4)
Gujba (CB3a) 2.9g Slice
Gujba (CB3a)
NWA 4025 (CB3a, S3, W3) 2.05g Endcut
NWA 4025 (CB3a)
HaH 237 (CB3b) 2.83g Partslice.
HaH 237 (CB3b)
Isheyevo (CB3) 2.6g Endcut
Isheyevo (CB3b)
SaU 290 (CH3) 2.38g Partslice
Sau 290 (CH3)
Maralinga (CK4) 13.8g Complete Slice
Maralinga (CK4)
NWA 4679 (CK4) 10.5g Partslice.
NWA 4679 (CK4)
NWA 5237 (CK5) - 4.7g Complete Slice.
NWA 5237 (CK5)
Mighei (CM2) 70mg Fragment - CM Chondrite Type Specimen
Mighei (CM2)
NWA 2918 (CO3.0) 1.6g Slice
NWA 2918 (CO3.0
Ornans (CO3.2, S2, W2) 3.5g Endcut
NWA 4441 (CO3.2)
Ornans (CO3.3) 1.05g Partslice - CO Chondrite Type Specimen
Ornans (CO3.3)
NWA 062 (CO3.3) 6.73g Half Slice

NWA 062 (CO3.3)
Moss (CO3.5) - 1.23g Fragment with Fresh Fusion Crust
Moss (CO3.6)
NWA 1277 (CO3.6) 6.8g Partslice
NWA 1277 (CO3.6)
NWA 1292 (CO3.6) 2.40g Complete Slice
NWA 1292 (CO3.6)
NWA 2733 (CO3.6) - 243.2g Main Mass
NWA 2733 (CO3.6)
DAG 192 (CO3) 2.80g Endcut
DAG 192 (CO3)
NWA 760 (CV3.4) 0.102g Partslice
NWA 760 (CV3.4)
NWA 2086 (CV3) 2.36g Slice
NWA 2086 (CV3)
NWA 2140 (CV3) 1.31g Slice
NWA 2140 (CV3)
NWA 2140 (CV3) 8.04g Endcut
NWA 2140 (CV3)
NWA 2224 (CV3) 27.80g Individual
NWA 2224 (CV3)
NWA 3118 (CV3) 7.7g Complete Slice with Dark Inclusion
NWA 3118 (CV3)
NWA 3118 (CV3) 1.55g Complete Slice with Dark Inclusion
NWA 3118 (CV3)
NWA 3118 (CV3) 1.8g Endcut
NWA 3118 (CV3)
NWA 1465 (C3 or Anomalous CV3) 3.00g Slice
NWA 1465 (Anomalous CV3)
NWA 6030 (CV3) - 21.22g Complete Slice
NWA 6030 (CV3)
NWA 801 (CR2) 2.10g Partslice
NWA 801 (CR2)
NWA 5028 (CR2) 4.4g Partslice
NWA 5028 (CR2)
NWA 5797 (CM2) - 1.968g Partslice

NWA 5797 (CM2) 

Rumurutiite Chondrites

NWA 5245 (R3) 10.155g Complete Slice
NWA 5245 (R3)
NWA 978 (R3.8) 25.93g Individual
NWA 978 (R3.8)
NWA 978 (R3.8) 12.39g Endcut
NWA 978 (R3.8)
NWA 978 (R3.8) 5.3g Complete Slice
NWA 978 (R3.8)
NWA 2921 (R3.8) 19.5g Half Individual
NWA 2921 (R3.8)
NWA 753 (R3.9) 1.40g Endcut
NWA 753 (R3.9)
NWA 4814 (R3-6) - 9.371g Complete Slice.
NWA 4814 (R3-6)
NWA 800 (R4) 6.10g Half Individual

NWA 800 (R4)
NWA 3098 (R5) 8.00g Slice
NWA 3098 (R5)

Enstatite Chondrites

Al Haggounia 001 (EH3) - 255.9g Halved Individual
Al Haggounia 001 (EH3)
Sahara 97079 (EH3) 12.5g Complete Slice
Sahara 97079 (EH3)
Abee (EH4-IMB) 0.55g Partslice
Abee (EH4-IMB)
Saint-Saveur (EH5) 40mg Partslice
Saint-Sauveur (EH5)
NWA 002 (EL6) 1.20g Slice
NWA 002 (EL6)
NWA 3134 (EL6) 4.90g Partslice
NWA 3134 (EL6)
Yilmia (EL6) 2.72g Windowed Individual
Yilmia (EL6)