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NWA 1287

The meteorite, NWA 1287 was found in North West Africa in 2001. While it looks deceivingly like a low petrologic grade meteorite (i.e. H3 or H4) it has in fact been classified as an H6 by both, UCLA and NAU. It also has been given a weathering level of 2 and a very high shock rating of 4. This is evident under close magnification of some pieces where it has actually undergone melting (IMB) through the extreme shock. The meteorite also has a very attractive black fusion crust, extremely high metal content and some gorgeous crisp brightly coloured chondrules. However there is only a tiny Total Known Weight of just 70g of which around 70% is displayed below. These specimens are part of the Meteorites Australia Collection.

NWA 1287 (H6) - 7.30g Complete Slice.

NWA 1287 (H6) - 11.60g Complete Slice.

NWA 1287 (H6) - 12.90g Endcut.

NWA 1287 (H6) - 5.00g Complete Slice.

NWA 1287 (H6) - 11.40g Complete Slice.




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