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Meteorites Australia Collection

Listed here are a just a few of the more interesting meteorite specimens held in the collection. Each photo below can be clicked to enlarge it in a new window, while holding the mouse over an image will give the specimen's details. An Information Icon () following a meteorite name may be clicked to obtain further information and/or photos for that particular specimen. Thanks for looking!

Ordinary Chondrites C, R, E Chondrites Achondrites Stony/Irons Irons

Meteorite Falls

Oum Dreyga/Amgala (H3-5) 15.08g Individual (Extremely Fresh!)
Oum Dreyga/Amgala (H3-5)
Oum Dreyga/Amgala (H3-5) 36.00g Individual - 100% Fusion Crusted with Flight Markings
Oum Dreyga/Amgala (H3-5)
Zag (H3-6) 10.0g Slice
Buzzard Coulee (H4) - 17.2g Oriented Individual
Buzzard Coulee
Kesen (H4) 1.26g Partslice
Kesen (H4)
Thuathe (H4-5) 25.00g Individual (National University of Lesotho Catalogue - Specimen No. #63)
Thuathe (H4-5) 3.36g Oriented Individual
Bassikounou (H5) 124g Individual
Bassikounou (H5)
Chergach (H5) - 54.3g Individual
Chergach (H5)
Gao-Guenie (H5) 102g Oriented Individual
Gao-Guenie (H5)
Gao-Guenie (H5) 12.97g Oriented Individual
Gao-Guenie (H5)
Gao-Guenie (H5) 2.70g Oriented Individual
Juancheng (H5) 9.25g Individual
Juancheng (H5)
Nuevo Mercurio (H5) - 2.10g Individual
Nuevo Mercurio (H5)
Pultusk "Pea" (H5) 3.765g Individual
Tamdakht (H5) - 5.012g Endcut
Tamdakht (H5)
Portales Valley (H6) 1.67g Partslice
Portales Valley (H6)
Portales Valley (H6) 6.4g Crusted Endcut with Metal Vein
Portales Valley (H6)
Portales Valley (H6) 8.4g Partslice
Portales Valley (H6)
Wuan (H6) 1.41g Partslice
Kendleton (L4 Regolith Breccia) - 4.2g Partslice (Monnig Collection M-32.4)
Kendleton (L4)
Homestead (L5) - 3.09g Partslice
Park Forest (L5) 5.60g Endcut
Park Forest
Park Forest (L5) 2.90g Complete Slice
Park Forest
Ash Creek / West (L6) - 1.4g Complete Slice
Ash Creek (L6)
Suizhou (L6) 28.7g Endcut
Tenham (L6) 4.75g Endcut

Knyahinya (L/LL5)
Parnallee (LL3.6) 2.20g Partslice
Parnallee (LL3.6)
Paragould (LL5) 1.50g Fragment - Monnig Collection: M-293.1
Bensour (LL6) 0.13g Oriented Nosecone Individual
Bensour (LL6)
Bensour (LL6) 16.57g Individual
Bensour (LL6)
Bensour (LL6) 27.77g Fragmented Half-Individual
Bensour (LL6)
Ensisheim (LL6) 0.47g Partslice
Ensisheim (LL6)
Kilabo (LL6) 10.30g Individual
Kilabo (LL6)
Kilabo (LL6) 21.5g Individual
Kilabo (LL6)
Mangwendi (LL6) 1.7g Partslice.
Gujba (CB3a) 2.9g Slice
Gujba (CB3a)
Mighei (CM2) 70mg Fragment - CM Chondrite Type Specimen
Mighei (CM2)
Ornans (CO3.3) 1.05g Partslice - CO Chondrite Type Specimen
Ornans (CO3.3)
Moss (CO3.5) - 1.23g Fragment with Fresh Fusion Crust
Moss (CO3.5)
Abee (EH4-IMB) 0.55g Partslice
Abee (EH4-IMB)
Saint-Saveur (EH5) 40mg Partslice
Saint-Sauveur (EH5)
Acapulco (Acapulcoite Type Specimen) 70mg Sliced Fragment
Aubres (Aubrite Type Specimen) 42mg Fragment
Cumberland Falls (Aubrite) 0.56g Partslice
Cumberland Falls
Khor Temiki (Aubrite) 50mg Fragment

Khor Temiki (Aubrite)
Bilanga (Diogenite) 2.10g Partslice
Bilanga (Diogenite)
Tatahouine (Diogenite) 11.10g Fragment
Tatahouine (Diogenite)
Tatahouine (Diogenite) 6.30g Partslice
Tatahouine (Diogenite)
Millbillillie (Eucrite) 10.35g Oriented Individual
Millbillillie (Eucrite)
Lodran (Lodranite Type Specimen) 12mg Fragment
Novo-Urei (Ureilite Type Specimen) 0.2g Sliced Fragment
Ibitira (Anomalous Basaltic Achondrite) - 2.275g Partslice
Estherville (Mesosiderite) 7.70g Partslice
Estherville (Mesosiderite)
Sikhote-Alin (IIB) 82g Individual
Sikhote-Alin (IIB)
Sikhote-Alin (IIAB) - 233.3g Oriented Individual
Sikhote-Alin (IIB)
Sikhote-Alin (IIB) - 32.8g Oriented Individual with Surface Impact Pit/Crater
Sikhote-Alin (IIB)
Sikhote-Alin (IIAB) - 777g Shrapnel
Sikhote-Alin (IIB)
N'Goureyma (Ungrouped Anomalous Iron) - 3.7g Partslice
N'Goureyma (ANOM-UNGR)
Sikhote-Alin (IIAB) - 159.5g Oriented Individual
Sikhote-Alin (IIB)