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Sikhote-Alin - 83g Individual with Melted Surface Formations.

This specimen from the famous Sikhote-Alin fall displays a fairly unique feature. It is not particularly unusual in its shape, but rather the formations on the surface. On close examination it looks as if the metal had started to swirl or eddy and overlap. The most obvious is on the right side of the individual but there is also a similar smaller zone at the top left. It is possible that the meteorite started to orient itself late in flight causing the forces which developed the swirled pattern. This is evident in the initial formations of a of a lip and flow lines along the sides which would indicate that this photo depicts the trailing side. The folding/swirling tends to have frozen in motion while moving towards the cavity at top-centre. This specimen is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection (MA.03.0068).

Sikhote-Alin (IIB) - 83g Individual with melted surface formations.

Close-up of the melted surface formations.


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