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The Unusual Meteorite Features Page

This page is dedicated to meteorites that have something unusual or different about them. Something that you would not normally see from the typical specimen of that particular meteorite. Clicking the underlined meteorite name will take you to the specimens page.

These are the specimens on 'The Unusual Meteorite Features Page' so far:

Ordinary Chondrites

  • NWA 803  (L6) - 11.70g Endcut with large metal pockets/inclusions.

  • NWA 802  (H6) - 6.70g Endcut with large metal pocket inclusion.

  • NWA 802  (H6) - 8.00g Slice with metal vein.

  • Sahara 99023  (H5) - 2.00g Partslice with large pale inclusion.

  • Zag  (H3-6) - 9.10g Individual with Primary & Secondary fusion crust.

  • Unclassified Saharan - 9.50g Sliced Individual with black inclusions.

  • Unclassified Saharan - 105.80g Individual with surrounding black line.

  • Unclassified Saharan - 32.30g Halved Individual with Dual Lithology's.

  • Unclassified Saharan - 12.40g Complete Slice with Clast & Barred Olivine.

Carbonaceous, Enstatite & Rumurutiite Chondrites

  • (No specimens yet.)


  • (No specimens yet.)


  • (No specimens yet.)


  • Taza (Plessitic Iron) - 1.87g Individual with sculptured shape.

  • Taza (Plessitic Iron) - 2.84g Double Oriented Individual.

  • Campo del Cielo (IAB) - 5.00g Individual with sculptured shape.


If you have a piece that takes a special place in your collection and would like to see it added to this page; please feel free to drop me an e-mail!