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Dual Lithology NWA

This is an extraordinary specimen that clearly displays two very distinct and different types of matrix. It is a halved individual weighing 32.30g and is the only known stone. I could only guess that the orange matrix is possibly around H4 in classification and the darker brown, H3 or something similar. Both halves show very distinct chondrules although they are multi-coloured in the darker brown half but with slightly more visible metal in the orange matrix. Interestingly, there are also vesicles located along the boundary of the two different matrix's. The fusion crust is also a little different with the two halves and hints at orientation during its fiery passage to the Earth's surface. Part of the back of one half has also sheared and broken away along the border of the matrix's. This probably occurred very late in flight or when it hit the ground. One could only imagine how a specimen such as this might form in the depths of space. This specimen is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection.

Unclassified Saharan - 32.30g Halved Individual.
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