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Unclassified Saharan Meteorite 105.8g

I recently purchased an unclassified Saharan meteorite. The total weight of the stone was 105.8g and after cutting the two pieces weighed 87.20g & 22.20g. You will notice the dark line running around the edge of the piece. Very interesting. If you have any comments, please email.

UPDATE: The line is a terrestrial weathering rind. As the meteorite lays on the ground it is subject to outside weathering forces which will change the stone. You can see in the photographs where the meteorite was weathered more in some parts and none in others. The bottom of the piece is where it would have probably been facing the ground.


Unclassified Saharan - 22.20g Endcut

Unclassified Saharan - 87.20g Main Mass


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