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Meteorites Australia Collection

Listed here are a just a few of the more interesting meteorite specimens held in the collection. Each photo below can be clicked to enlarge it in a new window, while holding the mouse over an image will give the specimen's details. An Information Icon () following a meteorite name may be clicked to obtain further information and/or photos for that particular specimen. Thanks for looking!

Ordinary Chondrites C, R, E Chondrites Achondrites Stony/Irons Irons

Australian Meteorites

Maralinga (CK4) 13.8g Complete Slice
Maralinga (CK4)
Watson (IIE) 8.29g Partslice (Monnig Collection: M-417.1)
Watson (IIE)
Youndegin (IAB) 76.1g Complete Slice (Syn. Quairading) - Schreibersite/Cohenite Inclusions
Youndegin (IAB)
Pigick (H5) 56.8g Windowed Individual
Pigick (H5)
Haig (IIIAB) 5.5g Fragment/Individual
Haig (IIIAB)
Dimboola (H4) 7.70g Endcut
Dimboola (H4)
Millbillillie (Eucrite) 10.35g Oriented Individual
Millbillillie (Eucrite)
Tenham (L6) 4.75g Endcut
Molong (Pallasite) 3.30g Endcut
Molong (Pallasite)
Veevers (IIB) 13.1g Fragment/Individual
Veevers (IIB)
Yilmia (EL6) 2.72g Windowed Individual
Yilmia (EL6)
Unclassified Australian Iron - 277g Oriented Individual Nosecone/Sheild

Unclassified Australian Iron
Mount Padbury (Mesosiderite) 5.21g Individual
Mount Padbury (Mesosiderite)
Moorabie (L3.8) 0.256g Partslice
Moorabie (L3.8)
Lake Labyrinth (LL6) 5.14g Partslice
Lake Labyrinth (LL6)
Kulnine (L6) 11.92g Partslice (From Jim Schwade Collection - S189)
Kulnine (L6)
Cook 001 (H5) 8.24g Slice
Cook 001
Boxhole (IIIA) 2.30g Individual - Huss Collection H125.111
Boxhole (IIIA)
Forrest 002 / Forrest (b) (L6) 76.6g Individual
Forrest 002 (L6)
Henbury (IIIAB) - 0.853kg Sculptured & Regmaglypted Individual
Henbury (IIIAB)
Mundrabilla (IAB Complex, Mundrabilla Duo) 189g Individual

Mundrabilla (IAB)
Corowa (IIF) 70.6g Partslice
Corowa (IIF)
Henbury (IIIAB) - 193.7g Sculptured & Regmaglypted Individual
Henbury (IIIAB)