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The Lueders meteorite was found during 1973 in Shackelford County, Texas, USA however it was not recognised as a meteorite until 1993. It was a single specimen weighing 35.4kg which is very little for an Iron. Lueders has been classified as an IAB Iron meteorite but because of a slightly higher Copper content it has been designated as an anomalous member of this group. The metallic host's (main iron) structural classification suggests a octahedral structure (Coarse Octahedrite - Og) with a bandwidth of 1.4mm. On top of that, Lueders is also a Silicated Iron, meaning there are stony inclusions (~23% by weight) all through the meteorite. These occur in roughly millimetre to centimetre sized angular inclusions. A variety of processes such as fragmentation and partial melting appear to have played a significant role in the formation of Lueders. If you look closely at the specimens below, you can see the stony (silicate) material interspersed with the iron. In the 6.80g slice you can also see very fine veins of stony (silicate) material weaving through the specimen. These specimens are part of the Meteorites Australia Collection.

Lueders (Anomalous Silicated IAB) - 6.80g Slice.

Lueders (Anomalous Silicated IAB) - 11.70g Slice.


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