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The HED Meteorites ~ Pieces of Vesta

I decided to have a small tribute to the HED clan! There are some truly unique and fantastic meteorites that have originated from what we presume to be the asteroid Vesta (or a Vesta-type asteroid). Are there any other classifications such as Diogenites where two meteorites look completely different? Take Tatahouine and Bilanga for example. Here are a few of the HED pieces I have.

Update (March 2004): During the course of 2003, two new meteorites were found in North West Africa. These two specimens were similar to three others found in Antarctica and bought the total number found to five. This allowed the formation of a new classification called 'Olivine Diogenites'. Thus, this group of Vesta-type meteorites now falls under the acronym; HEDO.


Kapoeta (Howardite)
68mg Fragment


DAG 671 (Howardite)
30mg Fragment



Millbillillie (Eucrite) 1.19g Half Endcut with 50% Fusion Crust

NWA 999 (Eucrite)
0.30g Slice



Tatahouine (Diogenite)
1.76g Fragment

Bilanga (Diogenite)
2.10g Partslice


Olivine Diogenites

NWA 1459 (Olivine Diogenite)
8mg Fragment.



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