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The Atkins Meteorite Recovery Team's Park Forest Meteorite

Page 2

Fellow Atkins Meteorite Recovery Team, found a great Park Forest meteorite specimen in Chicago this week. Here's the story and pictures of the fantastic 638g fusion crusted individual. There are quite a few photos, but it is certainly worth the wait to see them!

"We arrived at the strewn field on Friday evening, on Saturday morning my brother Rich found a beautiful stone weighing in at about 1.5 - 2 pounds, not exactly sure yet as our gram scale doesn't go that high! I'll take it to the post office tomorrow to get the exact weight. The stone was about 8 inches deep in the ground, a nearly invisible hole gave away the secret hiding place. The meteorite is near completely covered with crust, some small chips are gone though. It looks like a burnt baked potato!  We documented all, GPS coordinates, photo's, etc.  We found only the one, but are planning a return trip immediately, we are confident the field will be generous to our efforts. This was one of the highlights of our lives, being among the first to hunt what is now a famous fall, and actually recovering a sizeable stone! A dream come true!"

April 2004 Monthly Favourite Meteorite (Park Forest) -->


Close-up of the matrix. Unusual inclusion.

Close-up of inclusions in the matrix.

Close-up of matrix.

Close-up of matrix.

Close-up of matrix.

Close-up of matrix.

Close-up of matrix. (Interesting Finger-print pattern.) Click photo for larger view.


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