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Brenham (Pallasite)

The Brenham Pallasite is one of the most famous stony-iron meteorites ever discovered. Brenham was found in Kiowa County, Kansas, USA with the initial find date listed as 1882, but it was known before that time. A massive 2.4 tonnes is recorded for this find however a huge 635kg Oriented Individual was recovered during October/November 2005 and is now the Main Mass. Many of the Brenham specimens have been found in relatively damp soil which has severely weathered them to oxides. Dr. Harvey Nininger searched at length for Brenham pieces and in 1929, excavated a large crater and obtained many pieces. This story is well described in his 1972 book, Find A Falling Star. The specimen below is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection (MA.03.0065).

Brenham (Pallasite) 14.90g Partslice
Brenham (Pallasite) - 14.90g Partslice.