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The "BL" Meteorite (NWA 1685)

Below are photos and comments from Bernd Pauli on a meteorite known as 'BL'. A batch of meteorites were sold by Dean Bessey as an unclassified chondrite under the name 'BL' and has since been given the formal name; NWA 1685.

Bernd Pauli: "The BL's have already been the subject of much debate and whatever they will finally be classified as, they are beautiful, they are extraordinary.

Here is what I found in the BL thin section that I already own:

Both in hand specimen as in thin section there are areas that are absolutely featureless, devoid of any chondrules or other inclusions, and look almost achondritic.

The view under crossed polars is breathtaking: While there are chondrules and mineral components of various sizes in a fine-grained, almost opaque groundmass, the featureless clast in my Thin Section shows an incredible, equigranular structure without any fine-grained, interstitial groundmass ... as if it had been "blown" or "swept" away.

Never before have I seen this in any other thin section that I have or that I have seen pictured in the literature. Imagine hundreds and hundreds of colorful little pearls seen from a distance."

'BL' Meteorites - Two cut specimens.

Thin section used for Bernd's observations.

This image shows the "borderline area" between the coarser matrix material (lower part) and the finely distributed, recrystallized material (upper part) in polarized light. The upper part in the polarized view is the large, featureless area (in the lower left part of the previous image) that is only criss-crossed by a few dark veinlets.

Another 'BL' Thin Section.

NWA 1685 ("BL" Meteorites). (2007 John Kashuba)

NWA 1685 ("BL" Meteorites). (2007 John Kashuba)

NWA 1685 ("BL" Meteorites). (2007 John Kashuba)

NWA 1685 ("BL" Meteorites). (2007 John Kashuba)

NWA 1685 ("BL" Meteorites). (2007 John Kashuba)

A similar meteorite, NWA 1794, but not 'BL'.

Magnified view of NWA 1794.



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