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NWA 1827 (Mesosiderite) - 13.78g Endcut with Crystal Inclusions

NWA 1827 was originally purchased in Rissani, Morocco as a single stone weighing 877g during June 2003. This meteorite was initially thought to resemble a "Metal Rich Diogenite" but once other comparative studies were done with NWA 1879, it was actually classified as a Mesosiderite; specifically the 2C subgroup. Several NWA Mesosiderites have now been found and classified under different numbers but they are mostly thought to belong to the same large heterogeneous Mesosiderite with a Total Known Weight exceeding 22kg. NWA Mesosiderites belonging to the 2C subgroup include: NWA 1827, NWA 1879, NWA 1882, NWA 1912, NWA 1951, NWA 1982, NWA 3055 and probably NWA 1645. There is an interesting extract which has been written about NWA Mesosiderites and is available below as a PDF file.

The mineralogy of this Mesosiderite is of a mostly medium-grained Igneous texture with some large mineral clasts of Orthopyroxene and Plagioclase which are commonly surrounded by metal-rich areas. This can be seen below where the beautiful green/yellow Orthopyroxene crystals are surrounded by brilliant metallic Iron/Nickel. Some pieces of this meteorite also have Eucrite and Diogenite clasts. This specimen is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection (MA.05.0068).

Two Large Moroccan Mesosiderites (92 KB)


NWA 1827 (Mesosiderite 2C) 13.78g Endcut
NWA 1827 (Mesosiderite) - 13.78g Endcut. (MA.05.0068)
(Click image to enlarge in new window.)

NWA 1827 (Mesosiderite 2C) 13.78g Endcut
NWA 1827 (Mesosiderite) - 13.78g Endcut. (MA.05.0068)
(Click image to enlarge in new window.)


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