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The Winona meteorite was discovered at Elden pueblo, Coconino County, Arizona, USA in September, 1928. Elden pueblo is the site of an established prehistoric Native American village. It is thought to have been constructed and used by the Sinagua (See-nah-wa) culture around A.D. 1150-1275. The ruins consist of more than 60 rooms with the Winona meteorite actually being discovered in a stone cist in the floor of one of these rooms. On unearthing, the specimen crumbled into fragments with a Total Known Weight of 24kg. Winona has been classified as a Primitive Achondrite and is the Type Specimen or ‘name-sake’ for the Achondritic Winonaite group. What has also proved interesting is that Winonaites are similar in composition to the silicate inclusions in IAB iron meteorites. The specimen pictured below is a 0.77g Partslice and is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection.

Winona (Winonaite) - 0.77g Partslice.


Elden pueblo Stone Cist.


Elden pueblo Stone Cist. (Inside)


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