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NWA 3119

NWA 3119 was found in North West Africa during 2003 and has been classified as an Ordinary Chondrite, LL4 with a Shock Rating of 2 and low weathering level of just 1. This meteorite has a Total Known Weight of 1073g and is full of unusual inclusions/clasts. One of the strangest are the pale green xenoliths which are very different to the host matrix/chondrules. One of these is visible at centre/top of the second image and top/right of the last image. There is also a reasonably large black clast near the top/centre of the first image.

In addition to the previous are the obvious variable chondrule fields where certain areas seem to show less metamorphosed, crisp chondrules. The third image shows a close-up of two of these areas while the last image pictures the noticeably darker/black one which also has a smaller average chondrule size. Within this particular concentration is also a somewhat different metallic inclusion which appears in the top/left of the last image as a blue/green to orange/yellow pocket. It may be of a sulphide origin but it is also unknown whether the blue tint is from terrestrial weathering effects or not. This stunning 16.3g Complete Slice is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection. (MA.05.0059)

NWA 3119 (LL4) - 16.3g Complete Slice
(Click Image to Enlarge)

NWA 3119 (LL4) - 16.3g Complete Slice

NWA 3119 (LL4) - 16.3g Complete Slice

NWA 3119 (LL4) - 16.3g Complete Slice



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