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Shişr 007

The Shişr 007 meteorite is classified as a rare Achondritic, Ureilite and was recovered on April 9th and June 23rd, 2001 during a natural science expedition on a gravel plateau west of Wadi Ghadun in Oman. An initial single stone of 4.258 kg, partly covered in fusion crust was recovered but later on a further individual of 3.099 kg plus 12 fragments of between 2g and 530g (totalling 1.667 kg) were recovered within a 27m radius. This makes the Total Known Weight; 9.024kg. Ureilites are one of the strangest rocks known to science and are made of crystals of olivine and pigeonite. Shisr 007 is moderately shocked and olivine grain rims contain finely dispersed metal. Carbonaceous matter occurs as narrow, intergranular veins which can be seen webbing about the piece in the photo below. As mentioned above, Ureilites are made up of olivine crystals. This makes it difficult to photograph but if you look closely at the image below it is especially obvious around the edges where the crystals are semi-transparent. A truly wonderful and remarkable specimen which is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection. (MA.03.0080)

Shişr 007 (Ureilite) - 1.48g Endcut.

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Shişr 007 'in situ' where it was discovered in Oman.



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