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NWA 2624

The meteorite, NWA 2624 was a 241g single stone found in two joining halves in North West Africa and purchased in Erfoud, Morocco during 2004. This meteorite has been classified as a rare Ureilite with a shock rating of 2 and is also a very fresh specimen with a weathering level of just 0/1. There were rumours of "Stony Pallasites" being found in North West Africa over the past year or two and then NWA 2624 came onto the international market at the beginning of 2005 bringing those tales to fruition. It was initially thought that these large crystals in the matrix were olivine but they have actually been described as "Pyroxene Megacrysts". In just a few of the thinner slices with larger Megacrysts, light is easily able to pass through giving them a brilliant orange/yellow/green colour. This specimen is a 2.10g Complete Slice and is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection (MA.05.0001).

NWA 2624 (Ureilite) - 2.10g Complete Slice. (MA.05.0001)

NWA 2624 (Ureilite) - 2.10g Complete Slice. (MA.05.0001)

NWA 2624 (Ureilite) - Close-Up (10x) of Pyroxene Megacryst. (MA.05.0001)
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