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Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!

And on that farm he had a...

Dronino (Anomalous Ungrouped Ataxite) 3kg Individual
Dronino Duck
Amgala (H3.X) 15.08g Individual
NWA 3098 (R5) 8.00g Slice {Copyright  2004 Rob Wesel}
Rumurutiite Goose
Dhofar 275 (Eucrite) 3.99g Endcut
Dho 011 (LL7) 6.94g Complete Slice
Dhofar Parrot
Millbillillie (Eucrite) 10.35g Oriented Individual
Millbillillie Rex
Cumberland Falls (Aubrite) 0.56g Partslice
Cumberland Falls (Aubrite) 0.56g Partslice {Copyright  2005 Rob Wesel}
Moby Falls
NWA 1879 (Mesosiderite) 1.20g Endcut
Meso Mouse
NWA 3142 (Eucrite) 4.80g Complete Slice
Basaltic Barramundi
Glorieta Mountain (Pallasite) 9.00g Individual
Glorieta Hippo
NWA 2490 (H/L3) 5.88g Endcut
Transitional Terrier